Agriculture and construction


Tracking, measuring and service management of construction and agricultural machinery

From its beginnings in the protection of construction and agricultural machinery, Regent Mobile has grown an extensive dealer network within the Benelux and far beyond. This dealer network offers extensive knowledge of the wide variety of machines and products in the construction and agricultural sectors. Regent Mobile has managed to combine this knowledge with its own expertise in monitoring, measuring and control systems. This combination results in unique systems for protecting, monitoring and servicing your machines and equipment.

Measuring, registering and reporting via sensors on the field and on the construction site

In 2016, by means of smart sensors, Regent Mobile started registering various measurements ​​on fields and construction sites. Measurements include the amount of moisture in the soil, temperature and fuel levels of (stationary and mobile) fuel tanks.

Secure Service & emergency center

In collaboration with the certified PAC emergency center ‘Alarm Meldnet’, Regent Mobile offers various Secure Service licenses to follow up service and theft reports of your machines and vehicles.

Investigative services within Europe

To trace stolen machines and vehicles outside the Benelux, Regent Mobile works with international detective agency Fidron.

OEM – Construction and Agriculture

Regent Mobile also offers various products as subsystems for third-party products. By integrating these products and offering specific APIs, Regent Mobile works to integrate its hardware and software solutions into the entire supply chain within your industry.

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