Big Data

Big Data - A new window of opportunity

Today, organizations need more and more information to be able to anticipate and actually deliver added value to customers and stakeholders. This information is derived from various sources, both inside and outside the organization. We use the term Big Data when it concerns large quantities of different types of data that are received by a system at a high speed.

Regent develops dedicated software to manage this data. This involves data that cannot be managed in regular database management systems.
For example, large numbers of devices linked to an enormous variety of (mobile) objects. All these objects transmit different parameters, which may or may not be enriched with data generated by the linked devices themselves. Examples include machine parameters, onboard computer data, locations, speeds, timestamps, etc.

These devices often continuously send this data to a server. By definition, the system that receives the data, stores it in databases and presents it to the user, is complex. The variety of data flows, the resulting complexity and the possibility of extracting relevant insights from these data flows, are at the heart of the daily challenge our developers face.

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