Garden & Park

Garden & park

This sector suffers from the highest number of registered thefts per year. About half a million pieces of equipment and machinery are stolen annually with a recovery rate of almost nil.

Ultra-small tracking systems built for handheld equipment and smaller machines

Regent offers a dedicated product line of autonomous tracking systems (TAGs) small enough to be fitted into handheld devices. These IoT products are used to secure and track machines and devices that are used on a daily basis.

Fleet management systems for garden and park equipment

For transportation and maritime markets, FM systems are already well-known. However, with the Connect Pro series, Regent Mobile created a product line that proved to be unmatched when it came to measuring garden and park activities. Every square centimeter of mowed grass or cleaned pavement is visualized in reports and on a map. Preprogrammed (off-road) routes can be accessed by your drivers via Garmin, tablet or smartphone. These systems also boost fuel and time efficiency.


Regent Mobile also offers various products as subsystems for third-party products. By integrating these products and offering specific APIs, Regent Mobile works to integrate its hardware and software solutions into the entire supply chain within your industry.

Inventory tracking and management

Through RFID, LoRa and Sigfox solutions, you can detect whether equipment is in storage or being transported by one of your employees. In this way, you can quickly register missing equipment and track its location.

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