Regent Mobile offers a broad range of products from tracking systems designed to secure mobile objects to mileage tracking and fleet management systems. In addition, over the past few years, Regent Mobile has been committed to sourcing and developing sensors, beacons and nodes.

The systems are fitted with the greatest variety of interfaces, and the latest technology in determining locations and transmitting (encrypted) data via GSM, 2/3G, LTE, LTE-M RF and Ultra Low Band (Sigfox, LoRa) networks. The product range offers dedicated solutions for all types of mobile objects and supports a multitude of protocols.

Connect products

These products are characterized by their wide applicability in terms of linking with assets and the large amount of data that is sent from the linked objects and systems themselves. Examples include fleet management systems, fuel management systems and service management.

Connect products:
– Fleet management (locations, routes, reports, charts, analysis)
– Service management (hours of operation, service history, notifications, alarms)
– Security & protection
– 12-30V & autonomous hardware
– Vehicles, machines, ships, other

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IoT products

The IoT products are characterized by their low-power usage and transmission of smaller packets of data. Due to their low-power usage, these autonomous products can remain operational for an unprecedented period of time using only a small battery, while at the same time keeping their size very small.

IoT Products
– Location tracking
– Security and safety
– Remote data readouts (from internal or external sensors)
– Registration of hours of operation
– Autonomous systems
– Machines, ships, tools, logistics

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Advangrid products

A single product line that provides you with complete control over your electricity network. In under 10 minutes, you can install the Gridlink module within your electrical grid and connect a Gridlite node to each electrical device. Log in to your Advangrid account and start measuring all imaginable electrical values!

Advangrid products
– Analysis & diagnosis of your power grid
– Electricity usage indicators
– CO2 emission
– Management module to reduce costs

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Sensors, communications and mobile alarm systems

Sometimes a solution to read data or secure an object requires a product that differs from the industry standards. Over the years, Regent Mobile has established a large network of developers and manufacturers, which means that a solution is often more readily available than you might think. Be it mobile (autonomous) systems for the transmission of data or battery-powered security systems or external sensors.

– Mobile alarm systems
– Battery-powered external sensors
– Communication modules (2G, 3G, LTE, LTE-M, RF, LoRa, Sigfox)
– RFID readers/tags
– (Autonomous) data transmission systems or battery-powered security systems and external sensors

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