Hardware and software development

Hardware and software development


When you are looking for a solution combined with a specific asset, sometimes the market does not yet cater to your needs. Through an experienced team of hardware, software and firmware engineers, Regent is able to provide custom solutions.


In addition to our existing software solutions, Regent Mobile offers custom development of (embedded) software.
Through the use of rapid application development tools and technologies, combined with proven frameworks and the use of as many standard components as possible, the development is carried out efficiently, which you, as a customer, will see reflected in a shorter turnaround time and lower costs.
The expertise of our development team is diverse, but the development of software regarding big data, often in combination with complex algorithms and the use of a map (location, routes, times, speed) combined with the creation of extensive reporting functionalities, are the core activities of our team.

Sourcing hardware

Regent Mobile has a global network of developers that on a daily basis develop products based on the latest techniques and materials. In many cases, the product you are looking for as an organization already exists or is at least partially built. In that case, the development of a brand-new product is not necessary or only partly necessary.

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