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Connect & IoT product line - sensors, nodes, trackers. Proven hardware – new developments.


On the market & development. Smart, innovative platforms (PaaS) & Applications (aPaaS). Big data as an optimization tool for your organization.


With IoT, bring data closer to you. Infinite solutions through smart hardware & software. Security through IoT.

What sets us apart?

Every day the world grows a little more complex. Progress within an organization is increasingly reliant on data. When it comes to using data from your assets and products in the field, Regent Mobile is the right choice for you. This includes data like location, status, conditions, service data, configuration, drivers, routes, times, consumption, reports and deviations.

Regent Mobile delivers smart hardware and software solutions to provide this specific data, tailored to your organization's needs.

Benefits to your organization:

Integration into existing systems
Incorporate your existing solutions within a new environment and open up new opportunities for development and advancement.
Tried and tested hardware
A diverse range of tried and tested hardware ensures reduced development time and innovative custom solutions.
Basic modules - software
Many turnkey solutions available for immediate use or to be used as a basis for your custom development.
Understanding your sector and assets
Broad experience in sectors such as logistics, industry, mechanization, construction, automotive, and the maritime industry. Our professionals combine hardware and software know-how with an understanding of your assets.

Find me the Hardware...

Through a worldwide developer network, we quickly source a turnkey solution in combination with our standard or customized software solutions!

New at Regent Mobile

The MiniTAG: the world’s smallest tracking system

20 October 2021

The MiniTAG: the world’s smallest tracking system

With their track and trace solutions, Regent Mobile connects mobile objects so they can be monitored, located and tracked. The latest addition to the company’s wide range of products is the MiniTAG. This extremely small tracker is specifically designed to localize hand tools.

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Gain control of your power consumption with AdvanGrid

20 October 2021

Gain control of your power consumption with AdvanGrid

With AdvanGrid, Regent Mobile helps you gain insight into your power consumption. With this solution, your power supply network and all individual devices connected to it can be monitored. This way you always know exactly how much power each device is consuming, what the quality of the power is, and how much power you are feeding back into the grid. This helps you use power more efficiently.
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Regent Mobile helps you climb the CO2 performance ladder

20 October 2021

Regent Mobile helps you climb the CO2 performance ladder

The CO2 performance ladder helps companies to reduce their CO2 emissions. In order to achieve certification, you need to measure current emissions of your company and the effect of your CO2 reduction efforts. Regent Mobile can assist you with systems that measure fuel and energy.
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