Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Does your organization have an IoT plan?

Everyday objects are acquiring an identity on the Internet. In a few years desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones will be greatly outnumbered online. From a business perspective, this presents opportunities, lots of opportunities. But how can these opportunities be seized? How can the right data be made available to the right people/departments within an organization, in a clear and orderly manner? This is a question that is relevant to many companies.

By integrating sensors, nodes and beacons into your assets or using pre-existing connectivity within these assets and objects, you have the ability to access the data. Link the integrated devices to a database with online management tools and you have come full circle. This sounds simple and in some cases it can be, but in practice there is much more to it.

Important steps for a solid IoT plan:

Analysis of the true value of the available data.
Inventory of brownfields products (assets/objects that are already connected) that generate interesting data.
Inventory of your assets/objects that are not yet connected but contain interesting data.
Inventory of data already available in the market that could be of interest to your organization or could add an extra dimension to the data from your asset/objects.
Explore the possibility of a partnership with another organization to share experience and perhaps (already enriched) data.
Use prototypes that can be easily modified and test whether the intended result can be achieved

Only you can determine the value of certain data to your business. For all subsequent steps, you can rely on Regent Mobile’s expertise, from inventory to implementation and aftercare.

Hardware to drive your IoT plan to the next level….

IoTAG – base unit

With 5 years and 120,000 connections, this product boasts an unparalleled lifetime to connections ratio on its internal battery, while being one of the smallest sensors on the market. The unit is capable of determining in which area (~150 m) an object is located and has several possibilities to connect external sensors or No/Nc. Connectivity is based on the LoRa network.

GeoTAG – base unit

In addition to an impressive lifespan on its internal battery, this product provides exact locations of your objects and is one of the smallest sensors in the market. The unit is suitable for determining where an object is located and provides notifications based on geo-fence and movement. Connectivity is based on the Sigfox network.


Does your organization develop its own products and are you looking for a product connectivity solution? Regent Mobile supplies several OEM partners worldwide. For more information, please contact us at or call 088-9900106.

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