Regent Mobile offers several multifunctional platforms where data from your assets becomes available for purposes of monitoring, controlling, reporting and automation.
Over 400 different standard reports, overviews and graphs provide a clear and detailed picture of the state of your assets. A wide range of maps provide direct insight into routes and current locations.
In addition to the various platforms, you have access to several native or web-based apps that give you easy and portable access to information about the status, condition and locations of your assets.

Asset Connect – SaaS

The Asset Connect platform is designed to process large amounts of data collected from your assets in a short period of time. The dashboard offers you different maps with smooth navigation between different menus and the assets on the map. Reports like overviews, daily reports and graphs flow seamlessly into different data dashboards and map functionalities.

IoT Connect – IoTaas

Discover unlimited possibilities when it comes to connecting sensors, beacons and nodes onto a single platform. Use hardware like the IoTAG or GeoTAG to view the current and past locations of your assets, to detect the smallest movements and to receive alerts on geofence breaches. Also, you can install sensors, nodes or trackers to access data within your cloud-based IoTAG account. Through a comprehensive set of supporting protocols, data from connected devices is made comprehensible to be used in reports and in your organization’s processes. Integrate data into our IoTaas solution or seamlessly link it with your existing applications by using an API.

Advangrid – SaaS

Connect your electrical devices and get a grip on your power consumption through the Advangrid platform.
With Advangrid you can monitor all possible electrical values within your organization online. Whether it’s the lighting system, machines, ventilation systems or other electrical devices, you can access all the necessary data about the power consumption in your organization.
This includes:
• measurement of all electrical values
• ensuring your energy usage is organized as efficiently as possible
• reducing your energy usage
• checking the quality of the power supply
• checking fluctuations and flow
• checking connection power
• monitoring power management according to ISO 50001
• analyzing production efficiency

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