Logistics & Transportation

Logistics & transportation

Fleet management

Since the invention of the ‘black box’, people have been working on new features and applications that make data from trucks and buses readable and available. The Connect Pro system contains all of these functionalities, reports and management components and combines them with a highly accurate registration of current location, past routes and speeds, and security applications.

The tracking of trailers

The tracking and localization of trailers is hampered by the lack of a permanent power supply. Regent Mobile has developed various 12-24V systems and autonomous (wireless) systems to map the current location and/or trip history of your trailer. This way, even when the trailer is being transported over water, the location remains traceable.

Warehouse management – outdoor tracking

We increasingly see (directed) WMS systems in which the location and status of the flow of products within a warehouse is tracked using RFID. However, RFID does not allow for the location and status of these products to be monitored outside the warehouse. Using the latest technologies and new communication networks such as LoRa and Sigfox, Regent Mobile is able to make this data available both inside and outside your warehouse. These systems allow you to monitor your entire logistics supply chain.

Tachograph readout

By means of a physical link to your tachograph and on-board computer, you can easily download DDD files, driver card information, and driving and rest times of drivers.

Measuring fuel

By connecting to the vehicle’s CAN bus, you can unlock a great deal of data from the vehicle, including fuel consumption and fuel levels.

Fuel theft protection

By linking specifically developed Fuelsticks (Fuelconnect system) you can more accurately measure the fuel level in the tank(s) of a truck. This makes it possible to trigger different types of alarms in case of theft of only a few liters of fuel.

Service management

Various reports and notifications automate the tracking of service events based on mileage, operating hours and scheduled time.

Driver and cargo safety

Regent Mobile also offers various solutions for the safety of the cabin or trailer. A variety of alarm systems increase the safety of your (international) chauffeur and help prevent cargo theft.

Tracking/securing cargo

By means of special tags, the securing of cargo, optionally linked to a certified emergency room, is made a standard practice for the protection of high-value cargo.

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