Securing, reading, tracking and managing your fleet

What began as the development of a tracking system that would not rapidly drain a boat’s battery, grew into a complete maritime product line. With the rise of the electric boat, the readout of electric – and later also conventional – engines followed. Whether it is the smallest smart IoT tracker in an outboard engine or the most comprehensive fleet management system for vessels, more than 50 maritime resellers in the Benelux can explain these products to you.
When it comes to securing vessels and trailers, Regent Mobile offers specific knowledge and experience that is recognized by several insurers in the industry.

Service management and connections to booking systems

With the maritime market professionalizing rapidly and boats increasingly being shared or rented Regent Mobile has designed smart connections to booking systems and options for integrators to quickly and securely make crucial data available within their own solutions. Service management and maintenance contracts can be tracked and predictive maintenance has received a name: the Connect Marine platform.

Secure Service & emergency center

In collaboration with the certified PAC emergency center ‘Alarm Meldnet’, Regent Mobile offers various Secure Service licenses to follow-up service and theft reports of your machines and vehicles.

Investigative services within Europe

To trace stolen machines and vehicles outside the Benelux, Regent Mobile works with international detective agency Fidron.

OEM – Maritime market

Regent Mobile also offers various products as subsystems for third-party products. By integrating these products and offering specific APIs, Regent Mobile works to integrate its hardware and software solutions into the entire supply chain within your industry.

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