Regent is supplying its existing products under various licenses. For new developments, different terms and conditions may apply. A license is activated when the service, linked to the product, is actively used.

The pricing of the licenses depends on the type and configuration of the product being licensed, the region where the product is deployed, and the duration of the license.

User license

This license is issued in conjunction with the use of hardware. The license includes the use of the platform associated with the product, including any apps and the all-in communication of the device (EU/World or region, based on network coverage) within a certain region.

Investigation license

Secure Service-01 This concerns a license for the handling of theft reports generated by the hardware. After the theft of an object, the end user reports it to our certified emergency center, which then processes the report.

Secure Service-02 This concerns a license for the processing of theft and service notifications generated by the hardware. Via a certified emergency center, alerts from your hardware are immediately recorded and processed.

Dealer license (reseller)

As a reseller of Regent’s products under your own name, Regent provides you with a SaaS solution in your own company name (white label platform), possibly including apps (aPaaS). For the maintenance of these solutions and the use of an administrator account, you pay an annual license fee.

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