Key Features

What sets us apart?

Every day the world grows a little more complex. Progress within an organization is increasingly reliant on data. When it comes to using data from your assets and products in the field, Regent Mobile is the right choice for you. This includes data like location, status, conditions, service data, configuration, drivers, routes, times, consumption, reports and deviations.

Regent Mobile delivers smart hardware and software solutions to provide this specific data, tailored to your organization’s needs.

Benefits to your organization:

Integration into existing systems
Incorporate your existing solutions within a new environment and open up new opportunities for development and advancement.
Tried and tested hardware
A diverse range of tried and tested hardware ensures reduced development time and innovative custom solutions.
Basic modules - software
Many turnkey solutions available for immediate use or to be used as a basis for your custom development.
Understanding your sector and assets
Broad experience in sectors such as logistics, industry, mechanization, construction, automotive, and the maritime industry. Our professionals combine hardware and software know-how with an understanding of your assets.
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