Lora - Low Power Wide Area Network

LoRaWAN nodes transmit a spread spectrum over an 868 Mhz frequency. This transmission is received by a gateway and forwarded to a network server via the internet.

LoRa-based devices are characterized by extremely low power consumption and therefore are very suitable for devices that need to operate on a (small) battery for a long time. A LoRa gateway has a smaller range than a Sigfox gateway, but is therefore more suitable (without GPS on board) to determine a fairly accurate location by means of triangulation.

NB IoT – Low Power Wide Area Network

Narrow Band IoT uses a subset of the LTE standard where the bandwidth is limited to a single narrowband (200kHz). NB-IoT has not yet been widely picked up by providers, but will certainly play a very large role in the IoT market. Existing solutions are used for the NB-IoT network, which, unlike LoRa and Sigfox, is a licensed network. NB IoT is again characterized by low costs in terms of hardware and low power functionality, and is specifically designed to work indoors as well.

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