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The MiniTAG: the world’s smallest tracking system

With their track and trace solutions, Regent Mobile connects mobile objects so they can be monitored, located and tracked. The latest addition to the company’s wide range of products is the MiniTAG. This extremely small tracker is specifically designed to localize hand tools.

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Gain control of your power consumption with AdvanGrid

With AdvanGrid, Regent Mobile helps you gain insight into your power consumption. With this solution, your power supply network and all individual devices connected to it can be monitored. This way you always know exactly how much power each device is consuming, what the quality of the power is, and how much power you are feeding back into the grid. This helps you use power more efficiently.
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Regent Mobile’s autonomous tracking systems

Regent Mobile offers various types of systems that allow you to remotely track and acquire readings of mobile objects. These systems are also referred to as autonomous tracking systems or GPS trackers. There are several versions of our autonomous tracking systems available. We will list the possibilities and options in this article.
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