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Regent Mobile offers various types of systems that allow you to remotely track and acquire readings of mobile objects. These systems are also referred to as autonomous tracking systems or GPS trackers. There are several versions of our autonomous tracking systems available. We will list the possibilities and options in this article.

Quickly locate your vehicle in the event of theft, track your driver’s routes, and find out where your equipment was last used? All of these questions are answered by Regent Mobile’s autonomous tracking systems. These systems allow you to track all of your equipment, machinery and vehicles without having to connect the system to the power supply.

What is an autonomous tracking system?

Before we get into Regent Mobile’s solutions, here’s a quick explanation. What is an autonomous tracking system anyway? An autonomous tracking system is a wireless tracking system with its own internal battery. This means that the system does not need to be connected to the battery of the object being tracked. In popular speech, an autonomous tracking system is also called a GPS tracker.

What can you do with a GPS tracker?

With their GPS trackers, Regent Mobile connects mobile objects so that they can be monitored and followed. The systems are suitable for vehicles, (agricultural) machines and many other mobile objects and devices.

The tracking systems can be used as a security solution. In case of a disappearance, it is possible to locate the object that contains the GPS tracker. This way you can ensure that your vehicle or object is recovered as quickly as possible, if necessary, in cooperation with the police.

You can also use the GPS trackers for logistical applications. For example, you can monitor where a vehicle or object is located and follow the routes it takes. Trucks and delivery drivers; in many industries, it is useful to know where an employee is located.

The benefits of a GPS tracker

As previously mentioned, GPS trackers work on their own internal battery. These batteries last for years, with a minimum of three years. Also, the batteries of most systems are replaceable and/or rechargeable. Even though the GPS trackers are equipped with an internal battery, we still managed to keep them very small. The small size of the systems is a big advantage. Some models can even be installed in the handle of hand tools.

Tracking and monitoring

One of the unique features of our GPS trackers is that they can be linked to sensors. This makes it possible to access all kinds of data, which increases the amount of applications. For example, the sensors make all kinds of logistical and service management applications possible. For example, measuring the temperature inside the engine, registering the hours of operation, and managing your fuel consumption.

The versions of our autonomous tracking system

We offer three types of GPS trackers: the GeoTAG, IoTAG and MiniTAG:


The GeoTAG is a heavy duty tracker. The tracking system is specifically designed for applications in the harshest conditions. The tracker works on its own internal battery, which runs for up to five years on a single charge, and is rechargeable. The GeoTAG uses the Sigfox network for communication.


Using the latest techniques in positioning, the IoTAG generates as many as 70,000 locations on a single battery charge. The IoTAG uses the LoRa network for communication. The tracker will soon become available with Bluetooth 5 localization.


The MiniTAG allows you to locate abandoned, misplaced or otherwise lost hand tools. The MiniTAG contains a gps tracker, which generates a location every hour. This location gives you a good idea of where your equipment can be found.

We would be happy to share more information about the MiniTAG!

Just like the information about the location of your vehicle or object, this information is also conveniently presented in a visualization system.

In this article we focused on autonomous tracking systems. However, Regent Mobile also supplies wired systems. These systems are powered by the battery of the object being tracked or otherwise monitored. The choice for one of the options will mainly depend on the desired applications. Combinations of solutions are also possible, in which wireless and wired systems are used together. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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